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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Diversion Hub?

The Diversion Hub will be a collaborative, multi-agency network in a single location dedicated to providing coordinated, life-stabilizing services to individuals navigating the criminal justice system.

Will the Diversion Hub be open 24 hours a day?

No. We anticipate the Diversion Hub to be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Can I donate to the Diversion Hub?

We are thrilled you want to donate and support our mission to help justice-involved individuals navigate the justice system. However, we currently do not accept any donations, but we plan to open this option up in the future. Be sure to check back with us soon.  We encourage anyone who would like to support our mission to make a donation to one of our local partners until then.

How can I, as an individual, support the Diversion Hub?

There are many ways to support the Diversion Hub and our mission. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter to help us get the word out about the Hub. You can also stay updated by joining our mailing list.

Who is considered a “justice-involved individual”?

Individuals that have been involved with either/or the Oklahoma City municipal system or the Oklahoma City County Jail.

Is the Diversion Hub included in Maps 4?

Yes! The OKC City Council voted on unanimously approved the MAPS 4 package for a public vote on Dec. 10. To see what all is include in MAPS 4 visit

I am a member of the media. Who can I contact for an interview or for more information about the Diversion Hub?

Specific inquiries or questions beyond the scope of the content found in our media kit can be directed to Lindsay Laird.

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